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Let Opticks do the hard work for you - identify and flag invalid traffic in your paid campaigns in real time.
Uncover bots, click farms, and fraudulent practices with the most accurate detection solution

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What is invalid traffic?

Invalid traffic is any advertising event that does not come from a real user’s intention in your services. Invalid traffic can be generated on purpose (which is called ad fraud) or also by accident. In any case, all invalid traffic drains your budget and artificially inflates your costs.

Opticks is made specifically for performance marketers

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Key benefits

Whatever channels and formats you use, Opticks provides the right solution to prevent ad fraud and help you reach your acquisition goals.

Uncover the most advanced bots draining your budget

The average advertiser uses proxy metrics like Conversion Rates to suspect ad fraud. But over 15% of their paid media is still eaten up by bots. Be better than average - detect the most advanced forms of invalid traffic today.

Bot Fraud
Click Farming
Adware / Malware APKs
Non-Visible Ads
Pixel Stuffing

Gain complete peace of mind across all your channels

Invest your ad spend confidently. Opticks uncovers invalid traffic across all your digital media investments incl. Search, Social, Affiliation and Programmatic.

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Advanced ad fraud prevention and ad fraud detection across all channels (Search, Social, Native, Affiliatio, Programmatic)
Ad fraud detection across the advertising funnel: fake click, fake lead, fake attribution

Rest assured with full bottom-of-funnel detection

Bottom-of-funnel is where the revenue is. Maximize your revenues minimizing your efforts: Opticks detects all invalid bottom-of-funnel traffic including click fraud, invalid visits and conversion fraud.

How it works

ad fraud detection
Our sensor captures key telemetry about each visit in your traffic to create a comprehensive set of data - in full compliance with GDPR.
ad fraud solution
Our algorithms evaluate the data captured in real-time using leading technologies. We provide a result which identifies whether traffic is invalid or not.
ad fraud prevention
Based on the result and your settings, Opticks puts in motion different prevention mechanisms, from traffic and postback control to audience blacklisting.
ad fraud solutions
We display all tracked and prevented activity on your site, explaining the triggers behind invalid activity down to the root of your traffic.


Combining leading technologies into a leading single score

Opticks’ award-wining detection solutions can detect more and better. We combine the accuracy of human expertise with the scalability of machine learning.

Finding irregular traffic through network, device and user agent variables
Uncovering anomalies and irregular patterns across variables
Detecting unhuman patterns in navigation and UX parameters
Machine learning
Scalable self-learning detection via data & algorithms
Ensemble Model


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