Protect your budget from digital ad fraud

Opticks detects, blocks and reports ad fraud before it enters your funnel and depletes your digital marketing budget. Accurate data attribution allows marketers to optimize campaigns successfully
How it works
No matter where you get your traffic from, we have you covered. Opticks detects, blocks and reports ad fraud before it enters your funnels and depletes your advertising budget

Block fraud
in real time

Protect all your digital assets from malicious activities in real-time. Intercept ad fraud on all your campaigns before it affects your funnels and depletes your digital budget.

Rely on true analytics

Avoid fake leads and clicks that artificially skew your analytics, hampering your decision making processes
Traffic risk insights allow you to make timely and surgical decisions about your partners' performance

Increase your profitability

Only invest in digital campaigns with high RoAS. Protect your marketing budget by only backing digital sources that create revenue. And block the rest automatically.

Your marketing, your rules

Fraud filters are customizable for each source and campaign. You determine which traffic to accept and which to block on all your digital campaigns 24/7. Set the rules, from blocking traffic from harmful applications or dangerous IPs. You are in full control.

Improve your product with real engagement data

Let real customers in, not bots. Legitimate users generate accurate behavior data, which leads to better product optimization, and eventually much higher costumer lifetime value.

Save time from the ad fraud process

Forget manual quality checks and long fraud disputes

Enable your marketing team to focus on innovation and growth. Let data-driven reports make communication with your traffic partners easy. Just drill down, export and share
Venture into new channels, traffic sources and expand your digital acquisition with minimum risk
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