What is our Mission?

Protecting leading digital businesses

We envision living in an economy where there is no digital fraud.
We want to be part of the solution to a multi-billion dollar problem by delivering reliable and innovative solutions to beat fraudsters worldwide.

Who are we?

  1. A reputed team of digital marketing, antifraud and software specialists.
  2. Diverse team of professionals from every corner of the world.
  3. We thrive in a fast-paced environment where collaboration is norm.
  4. We are adaptable, driven and friendly.
  5. Based in Barcelona, one of Europe's fastest-growing tech hubs.

Be part of the solution

Opticks is the anti ad fraud solution for forward-thinking businesses. Powered by artificial intelligence, we make it radically easy to accurately track and block sophisticated online ad fraud. We empower businesses to focus on growth while providing the fraud protection they need.

Ready to join the team?

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