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Opticks is an agency's best ally, automatically block fraudulent publisher traffic before it hits yours clients and build a sterling reputation.
How it works
Opticks protects your whole digital inventory from ad fraud so your team can focus on maximizing your RoAS and delivering results to your clients

Partner with leading advertisers

Global leading brands expect the highest quality traffic. Protect your clients from ad fraud by applying customizable fraud filters to meet each of your clients' requirements. Outclass your competition by ensuring you work with the cleanest publishers only.

Grow your business

Don't be fooled by high CR, our easy-to-use analytics dashboard helps you drill down, identify and isolate fraudulent traffic
Partner with sources that bring in revenue, form stronger partnerships and get better NET terms. With full traffic quality visibility you'll know precisely which sources to trust, and adjust payouts fairly.

Ensure customer delight

Surpass client expectations, and deliver only the best traffic available. Predict your revenues safely by reducing the threat of fraud-related complaints, deductions or penalties.

Minimize time spent on fraud

Automatically block fraudulent publisher traffic. Share source quality summaries with your supply partners effectively. Gain the ultimate authority in fraud disputes and swiftly recover any losses.

Full control over ad fraud allows you to build stronger supply partnerships, secure higher budgets and win better NET terms

  • Agency
    Learn how Cookies Digital, one of Europe’s fastest growing companies, uses Opticks antifraud solutions to halt fraudulent ad spend and achieve a staggering annual ROI of 1,200%
  • Network
    With the rise of fraudulent traffic across all verticals in the push notification space, Pushground ran the risk of losing partners due to fraud disputes. Opticks is the chosen ally to protect their revenues and provide the data needed to engage in conversations with publishers and advertisers
Valentina Tranquilli
Valentina Tranquilli
COO & Partner at Cookies Digital
“Before adopting Opticks we were completely blind regarding fraud metrics. We didn’t know the percentage of invalid traffic on our campaigns nor did we know the type of fraudulent traffic we were receiving. It was impossible to know if the CPA we were paying our sources was fair, as we had no granular visibility of traffic quality”
Cookies brand
Leading agencies and networks worldwide trust Opticks
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