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Opticks is your best ally. Prevent fraudulent traffic before it hits yours clients and damages your reputation.
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Large brands expect a great service. Outclass your competition and provide the highest returns by ensuring you work with clean advertising partners.

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Delight your customers by delivering the best traffic and surpassing clients' expectations

Delight your customers

Surpass your clients' expectations and deliver only the best traffic available. Position yourself as a trusted ally to your clients' growth strategy.

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Opticks works as a source of truth, aligning your teams with your partners'. At billing time, you and your partners will be fully aligned.

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Let Opticks do the hard work while you focus on driving revenue for your clients. Predict your revenues safely by reducing the threat of fraud-related complaints, chargeback or penalties.

Save hundreds of hours and focus on your growth objectives. Reduce fraudrelated complaints, chargebacks, or penalties

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Learn how Cookies Digital, one of Europe’s fastest growing companies, uses Opticks antifraud solutions to halt fraudulent ad spend and achieve a staggering annual ROI of 1,200%.

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Explore how a network used Opticks as a core driver to increase acquisition, focusing on traffic quality and transparency.

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In our business, we receive a big variety of traffic from different sources. Opticks has significantly helped us to identify fraudulent sources, reduce time-consuming manual checks and supported our team to optimise the work flow with our partners.

+4 p.p.conversion rate
Frauke Gewering
Frauke Gewering
Marketing Manager

Before adopting Opticks, we were completely blind regarding fraud metrics. We didn’t know the percentage of invalid traffic in our campaigns nor did we know the type of fraudulent traffic we were receiving. It was impossible to know if the CPA we were paying our sources was fair, as we had no granular visibility of traffic quality.

Valentina Tranquilli
Valentina Tranquilli
COO & Partner

As Premium Self Serve Platform, Pushground needs to carefully take care of the traffic quality we sell to our advertisers. We use Opticks to bring the cleanest traffic by detecting the fraudulent sources before it gets to our users.

-2.8kinvalid clicks
Danelia Rios
Danelia Rios
Head of Supply


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