Anti-fraud solutions

Safeguard your business from digital ad fraud

Opticks blocks and tracks the most sophisticated ad fraud in real time. Instantly know which traffic will bring in revenue and block ad fraud before it happens. Empower your growth teams with precise acquisition data.

You focus on growth while we protect you from:

  • Geo Masking Geo Masking
  • Pixel Stuffing Pixel Stuffing
  • Data-center Traffic Data-center Traffic
  • Bot Fraud Bot Fraud
  • MSISDN Injection MSISDN Injection
  • Clickjacking Clickjacking
  • Click Farming Click Farming
  • Click Spamming Click Spamming
  • Non Visible Ads Non Visible Ads
  • Click Injection Click Injection
  • Adware / Malware APKs Adware / Malware APKs


Opticks makes it extremely easy to block and track sophisticated online ad fraud so you can drive your revenues confidently

How it works

Our proprietary technology detects the most advanced fraud techniques and its ever-evolving machine learning nature keeps ahead of fraudsters.
  • Capture

    Opticks solutions capture telemetry at network, application and user level to create a comprehensive set of valuable data about the visit.
  • Assess

    Our analyzer evaluates the data captured in real-time using machine learning and behavioral analytics. The risk score identifies whether a user is malicious or not.
  • Enforce

    Based on the risk score, Opticks either blocks the fraudulent traffic or lets through the real, healthy traffic
  • Track

    Our tracking solution displays all tracked and blocked activity, explaining the triggers behind fraudulent activity down to the root of the traffic
  • 2 Billion
    Analyses per day
  • +30
    Active countries
  • +50bn$
    Saved digital spend

Why it works

  • Unmatched fraud detection

    Our advanced machine-learning algorithms and expert rules differentiate real users from fraudulent behavior
  • Clear data visualization

    Dissect the real quality of your traffic, identify threats and make real-time decisions
  • Proprietary fingerprinting technology

    Our methodology allows us to accurately fingerprint fraudsters
  • Unaffected acquisition flows

    Customer acquisition flows remain seamless thanks to our <10ms response latency
  • Customizable fraud protection

    Adjust targeting and fraud parameters to fit your acquisition requirements
  • Modern & flexible software

    Legacy-free technology that integrates easily in just a few minutes

For Whom

Opticks Success Story

Cookies Digital, one of Europe's fastest growing businesses states Opticks plays a pivotal role in their growth process

The company experienced an absolute growth rate of 680.6% and a staggering compound annual growth rate of 98.4% after integrating Opticks.
We deliver proven results
1200% Annual ROI
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Leading companies worldwide succesfully block fraud with Opticks

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