The Easiest Way to Detect Ad Fraud

Opticks leading anti-fraud solutions make it radically easy to monitor and block marketing fraud before it can hurt your revenues or your brand. Let your real clients flow through. Rest assured, finally.

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Get down to the source of the problem

Opticks tracks fraudulent activities down to the sub-publisher of your traffic. This way you are guaranteed to be able to block only the exact portion of your inbound traffic that’s generating all the problems for you. No more, no less.

Leading edge fraud detection technology

Our proprietary technology is capable of detecting the most advanced fraud techniques and its ever-evolving machine learning nature keeps it ahead of fraudsters in this cat-and-mouse game.

Extremely simple integration

Integrating is as easy as redirecting traffic to Opticks, or by including one line of Javascript in your pages. When we receive visitors we do all the fraud analysis and finally redirect the user to your offers.

Why Opticks

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning algorithms identify suspicious behavior occurring in billions of clicks across multiple partners and products

Creative compliance

We crawl the internet to ensure offers are promoted compliantly

Manage your risks flexibly

Opticks gives you a complete vision of traffic quality, letting you manage your risks how you choose

Prevent auto subscriptions

Our technology can identify bots which simulate user behaviour without authorization

Flexible and simple integration

Integration methods to cover all possible scenarios in just a few minutes

Proprietary Fingerprinting Tech.

Our methodology allows us to detect spoofers and repeated subscribers

Fast & Furious technology

Modern, legacy-free technology built for speed, redundancy and horizontal scalability

Ahead of the curve

Our data scientists and big data engineers work non-stop to analyze over 25 billion clicks a month for new fraud tactics

MVAS-aware module

Industry specific detection such as MSISDN injection, clickjacking and other browser vulnerabilities

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