Plans for every stage of your advertising journey

Uncover and prevent invalid traffic with a package that is right for your team.

For advertisers who need early-stage ad fraud prevention capabilities
  • Advanced fraud detection
  • Standard fraud prevention
  • Uptime SLA
  • Advanced support
  • 0.5M scans
  • 5 users
For multi-channel advertisers in need of advanced fraud prevention
Best value
  • Complete fraud detection
  • Advanced fraud prevention
  • Uptime SLA
  • Advanced support
  • 2M scans
  • Unlimited users
Everything a consolidated brand needs to defend its advertising operations from fraud
  • Complete fraud detection
  • Complete fraud prevention
  • Uptime SLA
  • Priority support
  • 5M scans
  • Unlimited users

Opticks has enabled us to monitor the health of the traffic sent by publishers in real time. Plus, it also has offered us a greater control to monitor and block unwanted traffic. The dashboard itself, and customizable reports work like cherry on top of the cake for our business operations.

-47 invalid clicks
Operation Manager

Opticks pricing is a fraction of the return our customers see

-38% CAC
x1.8 ROAS
+5% Conversion Rate
604% ROI
Start uncovering invalid traffic and increasing your revenue today
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Plan comparison

Detection Launch Grow Scale
Detection of GIVT and SIVT
Four-step detection: click, visit, pre-conversion and conversion
Multi-channel detection
Detection of Bot, malware, dangerous IPs, VPN/TOR/Proxy, iframes, hidden ads
Detailed reasoning of invalid traffic
Threats & incidences reporting
Domains scanned 1 3 5
Scans 0,5M 2M 5M
Prevention Launch Grow Scale
Google Ads: integrated set-up
Google Ads: automated IP exclusions
Real-time postback prevention
Blacklisting by IP, APK, Domains
User-defined antifraud rules
Real-time traffic control
Intelligence Launch Grow Scale
+ Custom
+ Custom
+ Custom
Acquisition insights
Saved spend insights
Session forensics
Traffic veracity across dimensions
+ Recurring
+ Recurring
+ Recurring
API access
Measurement Launch Grow Scale
Conversion tracking
Cost and revenue tracking
Partner management
Custom conversions
Technology Launch Grow Scale
Updates & Improvements
Uptime SLA (>99,99% annual)
Support & Advisory Launch Grow Scale
Access to knowledge base & docs
+ Custom
+ Custom
+ Custom
E-mail & in-app support
Onboarding Advanced Advanced Premium
Service SLA
Technical Account Manager
Custom support channel
Access to fraud specialist
Quarterly antifraud committee
Scan add-ons 150€/mo for
100k additional scan
250€/mo for
500k additional scan
500€/mo for
1M additional scan
Overage scan price 0,003€
per overage scan
per overage scan
per overage scan

Frequently Asked Questions

How much traffic can I send through my plan?
Our plans offer different capacities to analyze traffic based on the volume of traffic. If you happened to go above your capacity in a particular, what we do is comfortably invoice you based on the extra volume and re- assess the contract if necessary.
What is a "scan"?
A scan is hit to our servers where you requests to Opticks to analyze an event (click, visit, conversion) for the purpose of determining if event is fraudulent or after not.
What if I occasionally exceed my "scans" limit?
Opticks will continue to scan all events for your peace of mind, and the additional events (what we call overages) will be billed at the end of the period.
What if I expect to be above the "scans" limit recurringly?
Then we recommend to simply contract "Scan add-ons” which will pre-add additional scans to your capacity. These are more economical than incurring in overages.
Can I change my plan?
You can downgrade or upgrade your plan as needed, just reach out to us.
Can I pay monthly or annually?
Yes, we offer different payment schedules and you can pay either monthly or annually (with a 10% discount).
Are there any setup fees?
There are no set-up fees or hidden charges with any of your account plans.
Do I get any training on how to use the solution?
Every client gets a dedicated kick-off session, a training session, and has access to our comprehensive material.
Is customer support included in the price?
Yes, we have standard support, just reach out to us and we will get back to you based on our support SLAs. If your company requires extra support, just reach out to us.
Is my data safe?
Certainly. We take security very seriously at Opticks.
Is Opticks GDPR compliant?
Our detection technologies and our treatment of data all comply with GDPR legislations.