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Opticks is your trusted ally to scan and uncover invalid traffic and subscription before they become a problem to your partners and you.
Increase real subscriptions and valid subscriptions. Decrease complaints of invalid traffic

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Opticks is made specifically for Direct Carrier Billing

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Comply with regulations

Adhere effortlessly to multiple country regulations and advertisement guidelines. Set up customizable rules campaign by campaign.

Prevent fake subscriptions instead of reacting to complaints, avoiding commercial downfalls and regulatory sanctions.

Comply with regulations and guidelines. Avoid commercial downfalls and regulatory sanctions
Replace SMS verification and Captchas with safe ad fraud detection.

Acquire customers quicker

Say goodbye to SMS verification or Captchas and acquire new customers safely. With < 10ms latency, Opticks is the invisible fraud shield that doesn't stop your customers from converting.

Save your team hundreds of hours yearly

Reconciling subscriptions and managing complaints is a tiring process. Let Opticks do the hard work while you focus on driving revenue.

Detect fake subscriptions and save your team hundreds of hours
More revenue from your ad spend. Increase your revenue with ad fraud detection software

Get more revenue from your ad spend

Invalid traffic is infiltrating your campaigns and damaging your acquisition metrics. With Opticks, you can finally maximize your advertising budget.


Fake Subscriptions

An aggregator in MENA reduced the percentage of complaints by 90% onle two months after starting prevention mode

Reduce complaints and detect bad subscriptions or fake subscriptions with ad fraud prevention.

Fake Traffic

A content provider whose acquisition was primarily Google reduced invalid clicks from 5% to 1% in just three months, saving over 100k€

Reduce invalid clicks and detect bad traffic or fake traffic with ad fraud prevention

Opticks is a crucial piece of our customer acquisition strategy. Since implementing Opticks, the number of complaints significantly reduced and our average customer engagement has greatly improved.

-11 invalid clicks
Evgeniy Skotsenko
Evgeniy Skotsenko
VP Marketing

We take our partnerships with mobile carriers very seriously. Opticks analyses our traffic in real time, allowing us to cut fraudsters before they result in fake conversions for our customers. This has improved our business relationships.

Nuria Campa
Nuria Campa
Marketing Manager EU
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