Sophisticated ad fraud detection for innovative businesses

Opticks real-time ad fraud protection uses expert knowledge and artificial intelligence to safeguard your ad spend. Block and track malicious acquisitions according to customizable security variables
Opticks proactively stops ad fraud from entering your campaigns and depleting your budget. After rejecting harmful traffic, data-driven marketers can track, attribute, and optimize campaigns accurately based on reliable data

Top-notch technology that protects your business from ad fraud

  • Industry leading detection

    Industry leading detection

    Fraud detection technology that includes both rules-based protection as well as machine-learning
  • Frictionless acquisition flows

    Frictionless acquisition flows

    Our high-speed performance with <10ms latency ensures impeccable flows with zero delays
  • Software that scales

    Software that scales

    Our solutions are built so that you can expand your operations without limitations
  • Unbeatable reliability

    Unbeatable reliability

    We guarantee continued performance on all our plans with an uptime SLA of >99.99%
  • Proprietary fingerprinting technology

    Proprietary fingerprinting technology

    Our methodology allows us to detect expert spoofers and repeated subscribers
  • Updates and upgrades included

    Updates and upgrades included

    We work tirelessly on improving both our technology and service

Invest only in high-RoAS sources

Ad fraud eats away your digital advertising budget. Protect it by weeding out fraudulent sources and investing only in the suppliers that are bringing in real users
  1. Pay accurate CPA prices according to traffic quality
  2. Uncover and block fraudulent traffic sources
  3. Identify and scale high-quality partnerships

Clear acquisition analytics

To make fully informed decisions
  • Click Risk

    Visualize your risk distribution per campaign and down to sub-source
  • Conversion Risk

    Understand whether fraud lurks behind good CRs
  • Fraud breakdown

    Know the type of fraud that lurks behind seeminly legitimate acquisitions

Fully customizable fraud settings

Gain full control of your ad campaigns and manage risks flexibly
Get full vision of traffic quality. Set rules and decide risks for your business. Because no ad campaign is the same, adjust your settings on a case by case scenario. Make sure you are ahead of the curve and stay compliant with brand guidelines
Safeguard all your acquisition flows, and make sure your campaigns are profitable
With fully customizable fraud filters you can make sure you comply with ad guidelines and tailor-make an alert system to keep you protected 24/7

We’ve thought of everything

Agile set-up with our proprietary integrations
  • Opticks Firewall

    Opticks Firewall

    Our solutions are placed between the traffic source and the asset to evaluate and block fraudulent acquisitions
  • OpticksJS


    Placed on a landing page, this JS snippet automatically loads, analyzes and blocks fraudulent visitors
  • Opticks Bouncer

    Opticks Bouncer

    Dynamically deploys Opticks Firewall in our clients' existing digital marketing ecosystem
  • Server Intelligence

    Server Intelligence

    Enrich data on the S2S processes without needing to add redirects nor Javascript

Leading companies worldwide succesfully block fraud with Opticks

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