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Opticks is the mandatory partner of any VAS business aiming for safe and frictionless user acquisition. Remain compliant and transparent.
How it works
Opticks proactively detects and blocks unwanted subscriptions to Value-Added Services at the content provider, aggregagor and operator levels

Prevent fraud

Discover precisely what sources are putting your business at risk while allowing real users to flow through. By analyzing both clicks and subscriptions you block malicious traffic sources and protect mobile users from incurring in unwanted subscriptions.

Reduce complaints

By detecting and blocking all malicious sources, complaint rates coming from unwanted subscriptions can be reduced by 90%. Prevent fines or penalties instead of reacting when legal complications arise.

Improve NPS

Operators, aggregators and CPs can monitor their sources, protect their users and improve their LTV, making the industry more sustainable and transparent.

Increase your ROI

Empower your business and increase your ROI by using data analysis to adjust payouts according to traffic quality.
By visualizing the type of ad fraud within your traffic sources you can proactively choose which sources to trust and expand with and which ones to block before they deter your business.

Accelerate customer acquisition

Say goodbye to SMS verification or Captchas and acquire new customers safely. With <10ms latency, Opticks is the invisible fraud shield that doesn't hinder your acquisition funnels.

Stay compliant at all times

Adhere effortlessly to multiple country regulations and advertisement guidelines. Set up customizable rules campaign by campaign.

VAS-specific detections

Opticks provides a suite of VAS-specific detection features like MSISDN injection, clickjacking, and complementry browser vulnerabilities which makes us the VAS partner of choice.
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